We enjoy collecting and running the Old Iron. What we collect is not limited to outboards. The pictures that follow are just some of our collection. Just click on any of the photos to enlarge. We know some of the enlarged photo's may take time to load due to their size and detail, but the items draw such interest that we wanted to let you see as much detail as possible. Let us know what you think! See something you like? Have some thing you would like to sell?

This is a classic example of a mid 30's Midget Racer. This particular motor shown here is an alcohol burning twin cylinder engine which runs as good as it looks.



"Prevent Fires!" is what the ads for the Evinrude Camp Stove's of the mid 20's read. The ads claimed the stove to be "As safe a buy as a key of ten-penny nails". The stoves came in diffrent sizes and each would fit neatly into its metal carrying container. The single burner was produce for three years starting in 1917. In 1920 the medium size two burner stove was introduced, and was manufactured through 1923. The larger two burner stove was then manufactured from 1924 through 1925, when evinrude stop making the stoves.


This is a Johnson 'A' twin cylinder outboard motor. The Johnson 'A' was first introduce in 1921. We believe our motor to be the earliest Johnson 'A' motor surviving and still running. We have include a picture of the serial number which is located on the flywheel top plate. Let us know if you have an early number.